Nyko Shoots Up CES With PlayStation Move Gun Attachments

Power Shot_PS3 Move.jpg

Nyko came out guns blazin’ at CES this week, brandishing not one, but two gun attachment peripherals for the PlayStation Move PS3 motion controller. The gun accessories are very similar to those made firsthand by Sony, with a few ergonomic modifications and obvious style differences.

Pictured above, the Power Shot is a rifle attachment designed for more hardcore-style shooters that require the Move and Navigation controller, such as Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4. And pictured underneath, the Perfect Shot is a basic pistol grip ideal for arcade shoot-em-ups like Time Crisis: Razing Storm and The Shoot. Both will be available at retailers nationwide beginning in March. Pricing has not yet been determined.

PerfectShot_PS3 Move.jpg

Power Shot for Move:
The Power Shot for PlayStation® Move is an ergonomic tactical rifle attachment. The Move Motion and Navigation controllers easily lock into place for a comfortable grip that provides for accurate trigger response and aiming. The removable and rotating Navigation Controller dock allows the player to hold the Power Shot in various configurations, making it ideal for left and right handed gamers. The tactile trigger replicates the Motion Controller button for smooth firing and the aiming sight increases the player’s accuracy. The Power Shot also features an extendable stock, allowing for utmost stability and precision during intense action games.

Perfect Shot for Move:
A traditional one handed pistol-like grip for PlayStation® Move, the new Perfect Shot is the ideal shooting attachment for games that only require the Motion controller. Featuring a grooved dock into which the Motion Controller slides into place, the Perfect Shot is designed to be lightweight and ergonomic for comfortable one handed play. Vibration support provides force feedback with each trigger pull. The peripheral’s shape affords unobstructed line of sight for the Motion controller glowing ball, thus allowing accurate and uninterrupted motion tracking.

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