Nyko Introduces Data Bank and Type Pad for PS4, Light Grip and Charge Dock Mini for Xbox One


Video game accessory company Nyko Technologies is kicking off the New Year in style with a new slate of accessories on display this week at CES, all of which are scheduled to hit retail shelves during the first half of 2015.

On PlayStation 4, Nyko announces the Type Pad, a mini keyboard that slots into the space between the DualShock 4’s hand grips, as well as the Data Bank, a special docking attachment that makes the system compatible with internal 3.5” hard drives.

Xbox One owners have some cool stuff to look forward to from Nyko as well, including the Light Grip, a controller skin grip adorned with an array of LED lights, and the Charge Dock Mini, a small USB adapter that docks and recharges two wireless controller battery packs.

Additional product information and images are posted below, as provided by Nyko Technologies.

Data Bank for PlayStation 4


The Data Bank is a hard drive dock for PS4 that replaces the top of the console and the 2.5” hard drive in order to provide compatibility with 3.5” hard drives as internal storage. The solution eliminates the need for an external hard drive, which currently cannot support game installs or save data. This also allows for larger storage, faster running speeds and less expensive prices found with 3.5” hard drives. The design of the replacement dock lid seamlessly matches the minimalist design of the PS4. Once a 3.5” drive is slid into the Data Bank, a built-in LED strip illuminates while the console is accessing its memory. The Data Bank represents Nyko’s commitment to expand the core functionality and capabilities of video game hardware with its accessories. It is anticipated to begin shipping in the first half of 2015. Patent Pending.

Type Pad for PlayStation 4


The Type Pad for PS4 is a full QWERTY keyboard attachment that snaps onto the bottom of DUALSHOCK® 4 controllers. It allows users to easily chat with friends during multiplayer gaming sessions, and includes a mini-analog nub for quick menu navigation as well as a “.com” shortcut to make input more convenient. Players also won’t have to worry about charging the device separately as it can be charged simultaneously with the controller using any standard micro-USB cable. It can also be switched on and off to conserve battery. The Type Pad is compatible with all Bluetooth keyboard-enabled apps and games and will ship in the first half of 2015.

Light Grip for Xbox One


The Light Grip for the Xbox One Wireless Controller is an ergonomic skin with an easy snap-on design, providing comfort and instant customization with brilliant LED lights. The Light Grip can illuminate in 17 different color and pattern combinations. A built-in select button allows players to choose from the various preset color and light patterns. The Light Grip is powered by the controller and does not require extra batteries or wires to work. It will be available in the first half of 2015. Patent Pending.

Charge Dock Mini for Xbox One


The Charge Dock Mini is a compact power station that plugs into the Xbox One’s side USB port to recharge 2 battery packs for Xbox One controllers. It is smaller than its predecessors, like the Charge Base, saving space with its new design but still providing a USB pass through to power other devices. The device comes with two NiMH battery cells and has two LED charge status indicator lights built in. The Charge Dock Mini will be available in early 2015. Patent Pending.

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