Nyko’s Intercooler “Burning up” 360 Units

Intercooler.jpgHa Ha! See what I did there?……yeah.

Anyway, remember last year when the Xbox 360 first launched and many people were having issues with their systems dying? This was mainly due to the systems overheating because of poor ventilation. Well, to solve this problem Nyko released a device that would plug into the back of your system, supposedly to provide additional cooling and prevent the dreaded “red ring of death” from appearing on the front of the console.

Well, an article has recently surface over at Gameworld Network detailing the problems one writer had with his 360. Basically he went through three systems before hearing from Microsoft representatives that the cause of his dying systems was probably due to the Intercooler itself. One rep reasoned that it was due to the Intercooler stealing too much power from the system due to the way it connects, resulting in a malfunction. Another claimed that the connection between the Intercooler and the 360 sometimes got too hot and left scorch marks. Machines with any indications of said marks that were sent in for repairs would be promptly sent back to the owner untouched.

So have any of you had your system die while using an Intercooler?

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