Official: Nintendo Recalls Wii Wrist Straps

straps.jpgLast week we reported that Nintendo was including a new, thicker wrist strap with new Wii systems and even some stand-alone controllers. This came shortly after Nintendo stated that they were beginning an investigation into claims that the wrist straps were breaking, causing controllers to fly out of their owner’s hand and into various electronic devices.

Well this morning Nintendo officially announced a recall of all “original straps” that shipped with controllers until just recently. Click on the above image to check out the difference between the new and original straps. If you have any controllers that need the strap replaced, simply complete this form on Nintendo’s site and you’ll receive all of the new wrist straps you need free of charge. All you need is the serial number off of your Wii and you should be all set. Nintendo will begin shipping the new straps around December 21 and they should take between 5 and 9 days to arrive at your door. Also, you don’t need to return your old straps as these new ones will come to you with no strings attached….well there will be strings attached but….you get my point.

Until the new wrist straps arrive though, Nintendo does suggest that you adhere to the Wii safety guidlines to prevent any further damage to your electronics or your loved ones. Finally, it looks like we may see a decline in pictures like this.

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