Official PS3 Bluetooth Headset Added Features Detailed, Pricing Confirmed


Back a couple months ago, Sony lifted the curtain on its official PS3 Bluetooth headset to be paired with the Blu-ray version of SOCOM: Confrontation, also hinting that more features were still being worked on in addition to the mute button and charging cradle discussed at the time. But now those additional features have been clarified over at the PlayStation blog by Sony’s Peripherals Product Manager, who also happens to provide the final pricing info for the headset.

First, though, let’s talk about the new features. Standing out most to me is the headset’s ability to function as a desktop microphone. So if the headset is running low on battery juice or you simply don’t feel like wearing the thing you’ll be able to plop it down in its cradle and voice chat with your friends and/or SOCOM squad mates while it recharges. That’ll come in mighty handy. In addition to that, the headset will be bolstered by a “High-Quality” mode providing noise cancellation, enhanced speech recognition for voice commands and other “advanced voice technologies,” and an in-game status indicator showing the connection status, battery charge, volume, etc. Keep in mind, however, that these features won’t be included right out of the box but rather will be added via a firmware update to be released sometime this fall, presumably timed in close proximity to the headset’s release with SOCOM: Confrontation on October 14th.

As for pricing, the official PS3 headset will be made available as a standalone product and as part of a bundle with SOCOM: Confrontation, as you already well know. Oddly, the headset by itself will retail for $49.99 while the SOCOM bundle will only run ten bucks more at $59.99. Seems to me it’d be pointless to buy it without SOCOM, even if you could care less about the game. You could buy the bundle to get the headset and turn right back around and sell off the game to recoup the extra $10 and surely make a profit. I’m not advocating that by any means, but given today’s eBay scalping culture I can see this happening a lot. I don’t know, in some ways it seems like a smart move by Sony since it’ll certainly generate more sales for the game. But on the flip side, if those buying the bundle don’t really want the game what good does it really do?

Official Bluetooth Headset for the PLAYSTATION 3 [PlayStation.Blog]

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