Panzer Parking Only: Sudden Strike 3 Quickie Impressions


So I recently got in a preview build of Fireglow’s new WWII strategy title Sudden Strike 3: Arms for Victory, accompanied by a nice full-sized “Panzer Parking Only” street sign (pictured above), and though I haven’t had much chance to play the game in-depth I still thought I’d drop in with some early impressions.

So far, I’ve been able to sample the first mission in each of the game’s five solo campaigns — Allied Campaign in Europe, Crimea, German Campaign in Europe, Battle of Iwo Jima and Defense of Iwo Jima — and while it’s hard to tell for sure from just a single mission, all five give the game a sense of diversity. Each campaign takes place in a different theater of WWII and likewise puts you in the leadership role of various factions in the war, from the Allied assault on Normandy to defending Iwo Jima from a massive American assault as the Japanese.

While the gameplay is typical RTS through and through, what has immediately impressed me about Sudden Strike 3 is it’s vast battlefield scale. The maps and missions are absolutely huge, and the number of units you get to control and watch battle on screen is quite staggering at first. I’m talking near Supreme Commander-esque scale here, folks! Thankfully the controls are pretty smooth, so there’s actually not as much micro-managing as I first thought there would be.

I’m fairly impressed by the game’s presentation too. While I’ve never played any of the previous Sudden Strike titles to see how the new 3D engine compares to what came before it, I think it’s safe for me to say from common-sense thinking that this is by far the best looking game in the series. It’s all in the small details really. Bullet fire kicks up dust, tanks leave tread marks in the dirt, trees topple over with a splash of leaves, bombs leave terrain-altering craters, and so on and so forth. The battlefield ambience overall is very immersive.

To be honest here, Sudden Strike 3 doesn’t exactly fit my personal RTS tastes, as I’m just worn out on the WWII setting at this point, but for war buffs and serious strategy gamers this is a game you’ll surely want to take a look at. CDV USA is prepping the game for North American retail assault on March 10th, watch out for it in a few weeks.

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