PAX South 2015 Day 1 Impressions: Rebel Galaxy, Serenity Forge Trio, and a Clone Named Klaus


Day 1 of PAX South has come to a close and I spent most of the day on the show floor sampling games and drinking it all in. This the first time I’ve attended PAX and I have to say that I’m impressed by everyone attending and exhibiting. Everything about the show is all for the love of gaming. Tech to drive gaming into the future. Console gaming, PC gaming, tabletop gaming — it is all here.

There are some standout titles and developers I’ve had the pleasure of chatting with and think are going to be big once they come out.


First up is Rebel Galaxy from Double Damage Games. Kind of a mix between space combat, role playing and open world exploration, Rebel Galaxy is set in a visually stunning universe with a mission of finding the player’s aunt. The space ship handles very similarly to the way the naval combat is handled in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. Pressing A several times brings the ship to full speed and depending on where you want to go, the ship will then offer to go into Warp Speed (and conveniently drop out of Warp Speed once close to the destination or an enemy comes along). Missions vary between mining resources (which can be used to improve the space ship), clearing out enemies in solar systems, responding to distress calls, and providing food to planets that are in need. The wide variety is a nice change of pace. Again I can’t stress enough how good the game looks. It is gorgeous. This is a treat that I can’t wait to play in full at release.

The next game worth mentioning is Klaus from La Cosa Entertainment. Klaus is a clone. He also has a large sized version, who is a bit dim but has the bulk and brawn to counter Klaus’ deficiencies. A highly stylized side scrolling platformer, Klaus reminds me somewhat of Sound Shapes and Escape Plan. The game even utilizes the touch pad on the DualShock 4. The developers have said that the game will be a Cross Buy title and will be out for Vita and PS4 later this year.

The last games worth mentioning are a trio from developer Serenity Forge. The first of the three is called Luna’s Wandering Stars. This is a gravity based puzzle game aimed for younger players to teach and excite them about Newtonian physics. The premise is that a ship is in orbit around a planet and by moving the mouse left or right the speed at which it travels around the planet increases or decreases. The speed impacts the trajectory around the planet and there are collectible stars. Once enough stars have been collected then the level is over. Of course, to add to the challenge of the level, there are 3 gold stars which are placed to test your skill but also to allow for plenty of replay.

The second Serenity Forge game I played was Pixel Galaxy, which is a mix of shmup and survival. Basically, you start as one square and move to collect additional squares to act as defense from red laser bolts. Collecting the squares that shoot out red lasers means your ship will then start shooting out blue bolts in defense. Staying alive and racking up the highest score is the key to winning.

Rounding out the Serenity Forge gems is a beautiful game of environmental exploration via air parkour called The King’s Bird. Similar to Journey, movement through the world has a floaty dreamlike motion while also being able to control the wind to help get to higher locations. Collecting birds (which then fly around the character) also provide a flying power, which is magical to see in action.


That’s all for now from me at PAX South. I know there are several more gems waiting to be played and I’ll be back tomorrow to share more impressions.


About the Author

Tim has been playing video games for more than 20 years. He manages to find time to game in between raising three kids and working as a network administrator. Follow Tim on Twitter @freemantim.