PC PlayStation Store Launches!


PSP owners without a PS3 can now access the PlayStation Network through their very own home computer, as Sony has officially launched the PC PlayStation Store! Simply point your browser over to http://store.playstation.com, set up a PSN account and get the PC-to-PSP transfer application, and then lose yourself in the packed lineup of downloadable videos, demos, themes, wallpapers, add-on content, full PSP games and PS one classic games.

“The library of innovative, downloadable games, videos and entertainment content available through the PLAYSTATION Store provides a new way for PSP owners to get content and demonstrates the continued evolution of PLAYSTATION Network,” said Peter Dille, senior vice-president, marketing and PLAYSTATION Network, SCEA. “PLAYSTATION Store for the PC will give the millions of PSP users who do not yet own a PS3 access to PLAYSTATION Network, and enhance the online entertainment experience for users who own both a PSP and PS3 whether they are at home or on the road.”

Right from the start, the PC PlayStation Store is brimming with goodies to download. Here’s a full list of the launch-day content that’s currently available according to a post at the PlayStation.Blog.

Downloadable Games:
* Syphon Filter Combat Ops ($9.99)

UMD Legacy Titles:
* WipeOut Pure ($14.99)
* Gangs of London ($19.99)

PS one Classics:
* Spyro the Dragon ($5.99)
* Twisted Metal 2 ($5.99)
* Castlevania Symphony of the Night ($9.99)
* Hot Shots Golf 2 ($5.99)
* CoolBoarders ($5.99)
* WipEout ($5.99)
* Destruction Derby ($5.99)
* 2Xtreme ($5.99)
* Jet Moto ($5.99)
* Rally Cross ($5.99)
* Jumping Flash ($5.99)
* Medievil ($5.99)
* Crash Bandicoot ($5.99)
* Syphon Filter ($5.99)
* Tekken 2 ($5.99)

Demos (free):
* SOCOM Tactical Strike Demo
* Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow Demo

Game Videos (free):
* (2) Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow Trailer
* SOCOM Tactical Strike Trailer
* Beats Trailer
* GTA IV Looking… Trailer
* LittleBigPlanet Trailer
* Killzone 2 Trailer
* Resident Evil 5 Trailer
* Haze Origins
* MGS4 Gameplay
* Metal Gear Online
* PSP Brand Video 2007
* PSN Video
* PS Eye Video

PSP Themes (free):
* Classy Pink Theme
* Cookie Theme
* (2) Logan’s Shadow Theme

PS3 Wallpaper (free):
* (2) Syphon Filter Combat Ops Wallpaper
* (2) Syphon Filter Logan’s Shadow Wallpaper
* (2) SOCOM Tactical Strike Wallpaper
* (2) Parappa the Rapper Wallpaper
* WipEout Pure Wallpaper

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