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I’m a bit late getting to this posting, as it was released this past Friday, but better late than never as the saying goes. On December 8th, Phantasy Star Universe was updated with a ton of new content across the PC, PS2 and Xbox 360 versions as part of Sega’s new plan to provide weekly game updates for loyal GUARDIANS License subscribers. Check below for the complete content listing offered in the latest update:

New Classes:
GUARDIANS can now be specialized in one of 7 new hybrid classes available at the GUARDIANS HQ. These new classes will enable GUARDIANS to level up to use A and S rank weapons.



The following weapon types are now available to GUARDIANs in certain planet shops. GUARDIANs can be more versatile in their fight against the SEED.

Card (Neudaiz)
Grenade (Moatoob)
Axe (Moatoob)
Double Saber (Parum)
Claw (Neudaiz)
Twin Claw (Neudaiz)
Laser Cannon (Parum)
Crossbow (Moatoob)

Weapon Ranks – B and A Rank (5-8 star) weapons, gears and boards will now be available at all shops.

SUV Weapons:

Two new SUV units for CASTs will now be available: Rafal Buster, Sturm Buster

Level Cap:

The current level cap has been increased to level 60, and Photon abilities and TECHNICs can now be raised to level 30 depending on your character class.

Partner Machinery:

Partner Machinery Device Zero available, you can now return your Partner Machinery to its original state and start from the beginning and change your PM’s form.


Over 10 S Rank quests will be opened up on all planets, including a brand new dragon.

Holiday Themes:

– Christmas Room decoration
– Wreath room item
– Christmas Lobby d├ęcor
– Christmas Rappies

More info can be found at Watch for the next PSU update later this week on the 15th.

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