Piyotama Apparently Coming to US PSN

[Update] I have just received word from SCEA confirming the US release of Piyotama. And best of all the game is scheduled to launch with tomorrow’s August 9th PlayStation Store update, sweet!

Previously released on the PlayStation Network in Japan only, the quirky puzzle game Piyotama is apparently getting ready to launch on the US PSN, as SCEA has just released a fact sheet and screenshot pack for the PS3 downloadable title via its company press site. An official press release announcing the game has yet to be issued, nor is a launch date listed on the fact sheet, so we’ll have to wait for more info to come along to confirm anything. At any rate, read along for all the early game details, as provided in the fact sheet, and skim through the gallery of screenshots for an early look at the game’s charming art style.

Hidden deep within the Hotai forest lives a family of playful and mysteriously colored creatures known as Piyos. Every spring Mother Piyo, “PIYOMAMA”, lays eggs to fill the forest with new colorful Piyos. However, this year, in all of her excitement, she laid too many! In Piyotama, players help her hatch the eggs before they overflow the nest.

Simply line up the colorful eggs, chain them together and combo hatch them. Lining up four or more eggs of the same color causes them to hatch. Piyotama is an excitingly addictive action-puzzle game for PlayStation 3. Easy to learn and hard to quit, Piyotama delivers fast puzzle gameplay in 1080p.

Key Features:
• Fast & Fun Gameplay – Easy pick up and play – either solo or against a friend. Match 4 or more eggs of the same color to hatch the piyos. Hatch the rare egg to complete each level.
• Infinite Levels – Enjoy colorful characters, carnival music, and playful scenery in full HD at 1080p. Test your skills in timed play or play timer-free.
• SIXAXIS Wireless Controller- nudge controller side to side to fill in gaps, and shake up and down to force matched eggs to warm and hatch instantly.
• Global Online Ranking – perch your hatching skills worldwide.
• 1080p resolution

screen0002.jpg screen0005.jpg screen0006.jpg screen0007.jpg screen0008.jpg screen0010.jpg screen0012.jpg screen0016.jpg screen0018.jpg screen0022.jpg screen0030.jpg screen0031.jpg

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