Plants vs. Zombies DS Shambles Into Stores, Shambling Onto DSiWare Soon


I know I already mentioned it earlier, but here’s another reminder: the DS port of Plants vs. Zombies is into stores today.

For $19.95, the DS version comes packin’ the full content suite of the PC version, including the Adventure, Survival and Puzzle modes, plus a local multiplayer Versus mode, four exclusive mini-games and 14 achievements. Those mini-games and achievements are as follows:

Four All-New and Exclusive Mini-Games

· Air Raid: As a pilot flying repeater, players have to dodge, weave and shoot their way to victory in this side-scrolling shooter-style mini-game.

· Home Run Derby: In a wacky marriage of zombies and baseball, players hit home runs to score sun. But they’ll have to watch out for the oncoming, sporty hordes of some all-new zombies.

· Heat Wave: It’s a real scorcher! Players have only a few plants and they tire out quickly. Swap them around with the stylus and cheer them up with the microphone!

· BOMB All Together: Players will blast zombies into the hereafter, but they’ll have to use their plants wisely; there’s a limited supply.

14 New Achievements

* Resolute Homeowner – Complete Adventure Mode
* Attention Deficit – Earn a trophy in each mini-game
* Think Hard – Earn a trophy in each puzzle mode
* Tough Beans – Earn a trophy in each survival mode
* Shopping Spree – Spend $25000 in Crazy Dave’s store
* Book Learner – Fill out the Almanac
* Greenhouser – Raise 10 plants to full growth in the Zen Garden
* Cerebral Canopy – Grow the tree of wisdom to 100 ft.
* Demolitioneer – Blow up 10 zombies at once with a single cherry bomb
* Photosensitive – Beat a night level without picking up any sun
* Don’t Drink the Water – Beat a pool level without using any aquatic plants
* Nebulaphile – Beat an extremely foggy level without disturbing any fog
* Unsiege Mentality – Complete a roof level without using any catapult plants
* Street Team – Play Download-Play at least once

What’s more, PopCap has now revealed that a smaller-sized DSiWare version of the game is also in the works and will be releasing “in the next several weeks.” This downloadable version will contain only the Adventure mode and the four new mini-games, in addition to an exclusive new mini-game of its own called Zombie Trap. No indication yet as to how much it’ll cost in Nintendo Points.

“Plants vs. Zombies is already a fan favorite on PC, iPhone, iPad, and Xbox, and with this latest incarnation, we’re bringing something special to DS enthusiasts that’ll keep players equally enthralled,” said Ed Allard, head of worldwide studios at PopCap. “Four modes of dual-screen play, multiplayer action, four all-new mini-games, and 14 achievements offer a great combination of original gameplay and unique features that makes the backyard battle for brains fresh and fun.”

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