PlayStation 4 Game Sharing Features and Functionality Explained


You can tell that November 15th is getting mighty close. Anyone with a calendar can count the days, but an easier way to tell is by the sheer number of informational posts that have begun to crop up about the PlayStation 4.

Following on the heels of yesterday’s post about the PS4 needing a day one update, there is a new FAQ available for perusal among the console’s online features guide that lists how game sharing will work on PS4.

The first of two main sharing features is that PlayStation Plus will be shared across all accounts using the primary system of one PS+ member, meaning anyone who wants to reap the benefits of online play won’t have to be a PS+ member as long as there is a PS+ member designating that same PS4 as their primary device. (This is a big win for my house.) The second sharing feature of note is that any game purchased by one account will be playable for all other accounts on the same PS4. While this doesn’t seem that big because it is a function that was standard with PS3, it is something that until now was an unknown (or not explained clearly in past PS4 feature discussions).

Of course there is always a gotcha to sharing. Only two PS4s will be allowed to share games concurrently. If you have a third or fourth PS4 (I mean come on–who doesn’t plan on picking up one for each kid in the house this holiday season?), those additional systems won’t be able to take advantage of any games purchased and downloaded via the main PS+ account. This is a continuation of policy from the PS3 and makes perfect sense.  I just hope that deactivating a dead PS4 is a pain free process.

Additionally, Sony will be releasing a PlayStation App a few days prior to the release of the PS4. This app will allow purchases to be made from your phone or mobile device and trigger your PS4 to begin downloads while away from home. Remote downloading is something that will be huge for many gamers who work during the day and want to play the newest titles without having to wait most of the evening to download and install after getting home, fixing dinner, and spending time with the family.

Reading all of the great new features of the PS4 has me giddy as a school girl on prom night. What say you, dear readers? Are you ready for a Perfect Day?

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