PlayStation 4 Launches this Holiday for $399 Without Used Game Restrictions or Online Check-ins


Sony still isn’t putting a launch date out for the PlayStation 4 beyond a broad holiday season release window, but at tonight’s E3 press conference the PlayStation maker did at least show off the console for the first time and confirm the launch price point.

First and foremost, PS4 will be available starting at $399.99. The console itself looks eerily similar to the Xbox One, only slanted to look sort of like one of those pink pencil erasers. I like the look of it from certain angles, but not so much from others. At least it has more of a sleek form factor and doesn’t appear so bulky.

Of course for many gamers the most important news of the conference, which was disappointingly light on exclusive game reveals and demos, was Sony’s direct digs at Microsoft’s controversial Xbox One DRM restrictions, such as its limit on used games as well as the system’s need to have an online connection at least once every 24 hours. The PS4 will have none of this: gamers will be able to trade in their disc-based used games like always, and share them with friends as much as they like. An online connection also will not be required to operate the PS4 and play single-player games.


It’s not all sunshine and roses, though. After taking its jabs at the Xbox One to the delight of the press conference crowd, Sony slyly attempted to sneak its paid multiplayer requirement past the distracted hooters and hollerers. Sadly, playing multiplayer games over PSN will no longer be free as it has been on PS3. On PS4, a PlayStation Plus membership will now be required to access multiplayer.

On the bright side, PS+ will hold firm at its $49.99 yearly subscription and cover all three PlayStation platforms — PS3, PS4, and Vita — in one package. On PS4, PS+ Instant Game Collection will additionally offer #DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition at launch as well as one rotating digital title each month, including newly announced PS4 indies Don’t Starve, Outlast, and Secret Ponchos.

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