Pool Nation Has the Shiniest Balls You’ll Ever See on XBLA


While everyone else is out trick or treating on Halloween, how would you like to stay inside and fiddle around with some shiny balls instead? Don’t worry, it’s not as perverted as it may sound.

Coming up next week on October 31st, Cherrypop Games’ debut title, Pool Nation, will bring pixel-perfect billiards to the Xbox Live Arcade. In addition to the super-shiny balls you’ll get to smack around on a felted table with a stick, this virtual simulation of pool rocks realistic physics; photo-realistic HD graphics (that’s what makes those ball so shiny!); unlockable customizations like ball sets, table decals and cues; and 11 different modes, from classic 8- and 9-ball pool and offline career play to Endurance, trick shot challenges and online tournaments.

Basically, if you’re into billiards, you’re going to want this game. Pool Nation‘s hot shiny ball action will only set you back 800 MS Points.

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