Power Glove’s Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Soundtrack Rocks iTunes


Power Glove, an American power metal band known for doing instrumental cover versions of classic video game songs, has been enlisted to score the entire soundtrack for Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, the standalone 1980s-style cyber-shooter starring Hollywood action badass Michael Biehn.

That soundtrack of 25 original Power Glove musical creations is now up for pre-order on iTunes for $9.99 (three of the tracks can be sampled on SoundCloud) and will be released May 1st alongside the game’s digital download launch on PC, PSN and XBLA. Gamers will receive the soundtrack as a bonus for pre-ordering the PC version.

Power Glove chatted a bit about working on the soundtrack in a brief Q&A conducted by Ubisoft:

Q: Who is Power Glove in few words?
A: We are two lawyers sent back from the streets of future, post-apocalyptic Los Angeles 2043.

Q: Can you tell us how you started this collaboration with Ubisoft?
A: Mr Dean Evans sent us an email saying Hi! and something about an upcoming project and cyborgs. We weren’t sure if he wanted just a few tracks, or if we were going to score the whole game – so we quickly put a demo together saying “Yep, we really want to score this entire thing”.

Q: How does it feel to compose for one of Ubisoft’s most unique game?
A: Like some kind of rad dream.

Q: How did you dive into the Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon universe and where did you find inspiration to develop 25 tracks from another world?!
A: We took it really seriously, as if this was a score for a real-deal Segal movie. This is the music we love to listen to. Not jokey but a dead serious soundtrack. Dark bass pulses and metal anvils. Paul Hertzog, Faltermeyer, Zimmer, Vangelis, Carpenter, Brad Fiedel… so so many influences. Hopefully people can spot all the homages to those classic sounds, we really wanted to spark a nice dose of VHS nostalgia as people play the game.

Q: What was your favorite experience composing this music?
A: Scoring the cut scenes. Also the open world stuff, moments of cyber calm. It’s fun to get inside Rex’s head.

Q: What is your top song from this album?
A: Blood Dragon Theme (reprise)

Q: Are you guys gamers?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Do you have anything exciting on the horizon you can talk about?
A: We’ll be releasing a song we worked on with director Jason Eisener for his film in ABC’s of Death. Also our second EP is way overdue, we just need to figure out the track list.

Witness the VHS-era madness of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon in the new gameplay walkthrough video posted below, accompanied by screenshots filled with plenty of neon-kissed open world scenery.

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