Primordia’s Another Retro Adventure to Keep Your Wadjet Eye On


The 2012 adventure game renaissance continues this fall with what appears to be another point-and-click masterpiece from Wadjet Eye Games.

Crafted by Wormwood Studios, Primordia is a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk adventure about a robot named Horatio, voiced by actor Logan Cunningham of Bastion and Resonance fame, who leaves his home in the city of Metropol to wander the desolate wastelands accompanied by a hovering droid named Crispin Horatiobuilt.

Instead of pounding players over the head with tedious backtracking and illogical trial and error like so many adventure games of yore, Primordia will focus on deep character interaction and puzzles with logical solutions and plenty of exploration. Plus, look at those hand-drawn graphics–yeah it may be a bit old and pixel-fuzzy, but the art design is phenomenal and very distinct in a genre filled with mystery crime thrillers and color fantasy worlds.

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