PS Vita Play Celebrates the New Year with Ollies, Shooters, Dragon Balls, and Janitors


Beginning tomorrow, Sony kicks off the latest edition of its PS Vita PLAY PlayStation Store promotion with a lineup of four games to be released over the next month.

The lineup includes skateboarding game OlliOlli ($12.99, or $10.39 with PS Plus), anime fighter Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z ($39.99, or $31.99 with PS Plus), acrobatic swee-em-up platformer Dustforce ($9.99, or $7.99 with PS Plus), and abstract arcade shooter TxK ($9.99, or $7.99 with PS Plus).

As always, Sony is offering cash back rewards for multiple game purchases during the PLAY event. You’ll get $3 in SEN wallet credit for buying any two games, $6 for any three games, or $10 for purchasing all four. I have a feeling the DBZ game is going to be keeping a lot of Vita users from getting the full $10 credit…

Check below for more details about the PS Vita PLAY lineup.

OlliOlli – Tom Hegarty // Director, Roll 7

“We’re stoked to be bringing OlliOlli to you guys, we’re a small team based in London and we’re actually skateboarders (at least we were in our youth) as well as huge gamers, so this project really has been a labour of love for us. We can’t wait to see what scores people start posting and we’re giving you a five day head start before we unleash our senior coder, Nikos onto the nearest Vita and he starts busting some serious scores. You have been warned. And remember, just don’t slam on your face…”

Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z – Brandon Williams // Producer, Namco

“Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z is a completely new DBZ game focused on team battles, letting you create your ultimate DBZ dream team and battling online head to head in teams of 4 vs. 4 or even up to 8 players simultaneously across the globe! The game follows the classic DBZ storyline and features many “what if” scenarios which are sure to please the fans. The graphical look of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z blends the best aspects of the manga and the anime creating visually striking action. Fans will also get a chance to play characters from the new movie “DRAGON BALL Z BATTLE OF GODS” for the first time! With massive co-op and competitive online battles, giant bosses waiting to be taken down, huge character roster and 60 unforgettable missions, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z will make you want to go Super Saiyan in no time! To try the demo, click here.”

Dustforce – Rey Jimenez // Producer, Capcom

“Everyone at Capcom is thrilled to bring Dustforce, the critically-acclaimed PC title from indie developer Hitbox Team, to PS3 and PS Vita fans. Continuing the tradition of today’s boutique developers, Dustforce has an art style and soundtrack that’s utterly unique and addicting. Dustforce is a simple and pure platformer that asks only one thing of the gamer…Be the fastest you can be.”

TxK – Jeff Minter // Designer, Llamasoft

“We bring 30 years of arcade design experience to bear in TxK, the latest and greatest evolution of the abstract arcade shooter style that we pioneered back in the 90s. TxK features beautiful vector graphics that look stunning on the Vita’s screen, an outstanding and extensive original soundtrack and absorbing, satisfying gameplay that’ll take you to tranced-out arcade nirvana. TxK is neon candy for your thumbs and your mind – come get your supply!”

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