PS3 Gets New Download Content

Sony certainly isn’t letting the announcement of a third Xbox 360 SKU freeze them in ther tracks one bit. The company has announced a new batch of free downloadable content for PS3 owners that should keep them busy for a while. Currently available at the PLAYSTATIONStore , the content includes the following demos, game and movie trailers for your viewing and playing pleasure:

* PlayStation“Home” Video (free): Direct from the Game Developers Conference (GDC) earlier this month, a video of the much-buzzed about “Home” now can be downloaded and viewed in HD resolution. Coming to PS3 system later this year, “Home” is a real-time, 3D community that serves as a meeting place for PS3 users from around the world.

* Major League Baseball 2K7 Demo (free): Major League Baseball 2K7 redefines the pure baseball video game experience with true, next-gen details, all-new throwing mechanics and a revolutionary presentation system. Major League Baseball 2K7 features stunning, lifelike player models, Signature Style animations, Inside Edge data and more.

* New Warhawk Trailer (free): Check out the latest trailer from Warhawk, the long-awaited remake to the PlayStation hit, featuring brand-new gameplay footage. This all-multiplayer, fully immersive online game for the PS3 system catapults players into an intense, full-scale war experience, allowing air and land combat with an arsenal of destructive weaponry.

* Super Rub’A’Dub Trailer (free): Take a sneak-peek at the upcoming Super Rub-A-Dub, an amusing and vibrant downloadable PS3 title, bringing bathtub fun to life. Fully controlled by the SIXAXIS wireless controller motion sensors, players guide their rubber ducklings to safety from sharks in colorful water-filled tubs.

* Hot Movie Trailers (free): Download trailers for upcoming movies from Paramount Pictures.

We’ll update you with more PS3 download news as it comes in.

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