PS3 Launch Rules All

TRUStarLine.JPGAfter looking through all of the news today, the launch of the PlayStation 3 seems to dominate everything. So instead of making a bazillion posts about the goings on in the world of waiting, I’ll briefly summarize everything in this tidy little bundle.

  • From this video on Yahoo a fight broke out at a Super Wal-Mart when people waiting in line were asked to move from inside the store to outside. A group of gamers got angry that Wal-Mart was forcing them out, and proceeded to the exit, knocking everyone and everything over on their way out. The local Sheriff’s deputies were called in to quell the situation and the 24-hour Wal-Mart even closed for a few hours after the commotion stopped.
  • WKYT TV in Lexington, KY reports that last night a group of gamers and a news reporter outside of a local Best Buy were shot at with BB guns. Four were hit and none of them are seriously injured, but probably very cold.
  • If you call 410-893-6101 you’ll reach a recording at the Best Buy in Bel Air, MD. In the recording, you’ll find that they’ve canceled the launch of the Wii and PS3 at their store due to safety concerns.
  • This morning in West Bend, WI, the Star Tribune is reporting that young man eager to obtain one of ten PS3s at a local Wal-Mart ran into a pole when management placed ten chairs outside and told the crowd of fifty that whoever makes it into the ten chairs first gets to purchase a PlayStation 3. The man was taken to the hospital and will work on his running skills in preparation for the next console launch.

Finally, in this piece of PlayStation 3 non-launch news, it seems that those early adopters of High-Def Televisions will find the system’s detail not up to those of the Xbox 360. Many early HDTVs only had 480i, 480p, and 1080i resolutions. While the Xbox 360 has no problem upconverting its resolution to 1080i, it seems that the PS3 prefers to downscale to 480p. This would put the PS3 on par with Nintendo’s Wii in terms of screen resolution.

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