PS3 Live in NYC

PS3DemoUnit.jpgFellow gaming site Destructoid headed to the Toys R Us in Times Square today and found a real live PlayStation 3 demo unit. Though it seems that only one out of the four were working when Destructoid visited the store, all demo units were identical and should be showing up in electronic stores nearby you in the coming weeks. Each unit has the PS3 standing vertical with the top of the machine point towards you. A high-def monitor is attached to each unit along with two Sixaxis controllers. I imagine that each unit will also come loaded with a demo disk featuring both playable content and videos, much like the 360 demo units of yore.

Now would be an excellent time for our New York branch (a.k.a. GREG GREG GREG GET THERE NOW SUCKER, DON’T POST JUST RUN!) to take a stroll on down to get a first hand preview for you lovely folks. (GOGOGO!)

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