PS3 Mass Effect 2 Launching Simultaneously on Blu-ray and PSN


If you’re in an area with mucky winter weather and would rather do your game shopping from home without having to brave icy roads and traffic to pick up your shiny new PS3 copy of Mass Effect 2 next week, you’re in luck. BioWare announced today that the game will be available for digital download via PSN in addition to the planned retail Blu-ray launch on January 18th. PlayStation Plus subscribers will also have access to a Full Game Trial consisting of the first 60 minutes of the game — download it, play it, then buy it and continue if you like what you see. Be prepared for a long download session and clear out some hard drive space, though, as the game is said to be around 12 GB.

Coming a year after the initial PC and Xbox 360 launch last January, Mass Effect 2 PS3 is more than some lazy port. For series newcomers, there will be an interactive in-game comic recapping the events of the original game while also allowing players to make the key choices in the story which will then carry over into the sequel. Paid DLC add-on missions from the other platforms — Overlord, Lair of the Shadow Broker and Kasumi: Stolen Memory — will also be included free of charge, and through February 23rd the Terminus Armor and M-490 Blackstorm Projector Weapon will also be free to download on the PSN Store. BioWare also says its has pushed the “PS3 hardware to the fullest in order to maximize your gameplay experience,” in addition to enhancing the game engine to produce graphics and cinematics that are “clearer and more vibrant on the PS3.”

I loved the game last year on the Xbox 360, so I can’t wait to see what’s new in the PS3 version. I’ll be sticking with the Blu-ray version, but the PSN option is a rare treat for a full retail release like this — and hopefully it’s a sign of things to come!

[Update] PS3 launch trailer now embedded below!

Mass Effect 2 PS3 Hits PSN and Blu-ray on January 18th, More Than a Simple Port [PlayStation.Blog]

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