God: 2, Rachel: 0

Bored EdWe’ve all experienced the painful sting of disappointment.  The long awaited second album from your favorite band sucking.  The super hot guy (or girl) who turns out to be a crappy kisser.  Learning after 15 years that your grandmother has been cheating at Scrabble.  Sometimes, disappointment hits your right in the face.  You put that new CD into the player and are instantly assaulted by the sound of your favorite singer howling like a banshee.  Other disappointments ease into your consciousness.  You start kissing the hot guy and the sheer novelty of it makes it feel good.  A moment later, though, you’ve realized he’s drooling on your chin.

Collecting dust next to the TV, the Playstation 3 is drooling on my chin.  Rereading my first article about the PS3, I hardly recognize the enthusiastic author.  That young, naive lass died shortly after Sony’s disappointing launch.  I have not purchased a game since NHL2K7, which rounded my collection of PS3 titles up to three (Resistance: Fall of Man and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance preceded this purchase).  There simply has not been a single title that has seemed worth $60.  Also, the controller adapter that I have eagerly awaited so that I can play GH 1 and 2 on my PS3 has yet to materialize (just pushed back – again – to March 1st).  Worse yet, the web content is still lacking.  I have downloaded two games, Sudoku Challenge and a concept racing game.  Both were moderately entertaining for a week or so but have lost their charm.

Looking at the games due out, a compelling, exclusive title won’t release until Assassin’s Creed (just pushed back – again – until August 1st).  I am looking forward to playing Elder Scrolls IV (due March 13th), but my Xbox 360 brethren have been playing this game for what?  Two years?

I can only hope that this truly capable machine does not go the way of the mini-disc player too soon (the first time God beat me).  I still believe that the Playstation 3 will prove in the long run to be the system to own, and I know that this time next year, I’ll be playing Final Fantasy XIII and smiling like a looney.  I just hope that, in the meantime, titles like Golden Axe and Indiana Jones can keep me – and my system – afloat.

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