PS3’s Online is teh Suck?

PS3Online.jpgRecently an article went up over at Eurogamer on the PS3’s online functionality come launch.

Basically, Insomniac’s Ted Price revealed that what is arguably Sony’s biggest launch title, Resistance: Fall of Man would not be using the integrated buddy list, chat services, etc. that Sony developed as part of the PlayStation 3. Instead the game would be using similar services developed in-house by Insomniac which would not integrate with other titles. This means, while you may have all of your friends added to the PS3 console itself, you’re required to reenter these same individuals in Resistance‘s online services.

According to Insomniac, the reason for this non-integration between the two online systems is a result of Sony not providing the libraries necessary for the developers to utilize the PS3’s online features in a timely fashion. Not only has this caused Insomniac added stress with having to develop their own online system, but most (if not all) of the PS3 launch titles with network functionality will also have this problem as well. It seems that Sony’s decision to include an API for network functionality occurred too late in the development cycle for many launch titles, so having Live like functionality, such as seeing what your friends are playing and sending them messages that they can listen to in-game, won’t be fully realized until the second wave of PS3 titles.

I don’t think many people realize this fact and are expecting the PS3 to operate much the same way as the 360 online. On the other hand, I guess the limited network functionality of the PS3 is much better than what was offered for network enabled games on the PlayStation 2.

What do you guys think? Will this initial lack of integration hurt the PS3, or is this really a non-issue to gamers?

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