Radio Station Offers PS3 for Your Child

ps3Baby.JPGYesterday morning, KDWB-FM in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN asked listeners if they would be willing to give up their newborn son or daughter for 24 hours in exchange for a free PlayStation 3. Of course, this was just another hack morning show bit, but over a dozen serious listeners called in to offer their child to the station for a PS3.

Babies of all ages were put up on the auction block including two-day and one-week olds. The most interesting listener was a woman by the name of “Katie” who agreed to give her child over to Steve “Steve-o” LaTart, star of the morning show, for three days so that she could sell a PlayStation 3 on eBay and make some extra cash for the holidays. Eventually “Steve-o” realized that some people weren’t getting the joke and finally told listeners that the offer was in fact just a publicity stunt. Oddly enough, this prompted another call from “Katie” asking if she would still get a PS3.

So as it stands, people will rob others and sacrifice their own flesh and blood for one of Sony’s newest consoles. Excellent.

Source: St. Paul Pioneer Press via Evil Avatar.

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