Ragnarok Odyssey Shows PS Vita More RPG Love


XSEED Games is two for two on awesome PlayStation Vita game announcements today, Ragnarok Odyssey now bolstering Sony’s third-party portable game lineup for 2012 alongside the just-announced Orgarhythm.

Set in the Ragnarok Online universe, Ragnarok Odyssey is an action-RPG from Game Arts, the same team behind JRPG giants like Grandia and Lunar. GungHo Online Entertainment published the game in Japan back in February, and now XSEED is doing western Vita owners a solid by localizing it for North American release some time later this year.

Sounds like it’s channeling the spirit of Monster Hunter in a way, and there’s nothing wrong with that:

An action-heavy RPG set in the lush landscape of the familiar Ragnarok Online universe, Ragnarok Odyssey is a fast-paced game with a heavy emphasis on melee combat. The game is set in a world where humans and giants are pitted against each other in battle following the death of the world’s ancient gods. Based on Norse Mythology, the world of Ragnarok Odyssey will begin to take form as players advance through the story, with new areas opening up as their journey goes on.

In Ragnarok Odyssey, players will embark on a campaign to take down monsters and giants of massive scale, and characters can chain together massive combo attacks both on the ground and in the air thanks to the game’s extremely versatile combat system. Massive enemies can literally be smacked across the screen, and players can even up their speed and agility at the expense of HP for particularly challenging battles. On top of this, the game promotes cooperative gameplay, supporting up to four players for ad-hoc and online cooperative gameplay.

Characters in Ragnarok Odyssey are fully customizable, and players are given the ability to choose from up to six job classes that can be changed throughout the game for specific quests. As quests are completed, characters can be upgraded to increase their combat effectiveness.

Leave it to Atlus USA (Persona 4 Golden, yay!) and now XSEED to deliver the RPG goods on another Sony portable. Keep ’em coming, guys!

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