Razer Hydra Brings Motion Control to Portal 2 and PC Gaming Abroad


Portal 2 launched this week to loads of hype and adulation. Have you played it yet? You should – it’s awesome! I just finished the single player story last night, and will be posting a review tomorrow after some final co-op experimentation tonight.

I’m playing the game on PS3, which unfortunately does not offer any support for PlayStation Move — nor does the Xbox 360 version support Kinect in any way. But that doesn’t mean there are no plans for motion controlled Portal 2 on the PC.

Teaming up with Valve and Sixense, high-end accessory purveyor Razer has developed the Hydra, an innovative motion control system for PC. The Razer Hydra system consists of what look like two elongated Wii Nunchuks and a sensor station with a glowing orb on top that looks like the tip of a PlayStation Move controller sticking up through a hole in the ground.

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The Hydra controllers, tethered together by an anti-tangle braided cable, are each equipped with an analog stick, four face buttons, a trigger, a bumper and magnetic motion tracking technology that supposedly tracks hand movements down to the exact millimeter. Better yet, because it’s magnetic and not camera or infrared based like current console motion devices, direct line of sight is not required between the controllers and the sensor.

The Razer Hydra will be available for pre-order in May before shipping in June throughout North America, South America, Europe and most of Asia. It will set you back $139.99, but will come in a bundle including the full Portal 2 game in addition to six exclusive new puzzle experiments designed specifically for motion control.

Beyond Portal 2, the Hydra will also be fully compatible with more than 125 PC games right out of the box, including Crysis 2, World of Goo, Peggle, Plants vs. Zombies, Trine and of course the original Portal to name a few, and will also expand through future downloadable configurations and support for self-configurable mapping so you can customize motion input to your liking and use it to play “virtually every game.”

Additional information is available at www.razerzone.com/minisite/hydra, and a full list of supported games can be found here. Below are demo videos showing the Hydra at work in Portal 2, L4D2, Black Ops and Bulletstorm. Leashing in Bulletstorm looks particularly fun!

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