Recently at AceGamez: Volume 2

So it’s been nearly a month since my first edition of “Recently at AceGamez”, and it’s certainly been a busy few weeks of writing and reviewing. Though I’m still agonizing over not having a Wii or PS3 to work on yet, I’ve thankfully had plenty else to keep me busy.

First up I’d like to point you to a recent Q&A interview feature I conducted with Perpetual Entertainment’s Stieg Hedlund concerning his team’s upcoming MMORPG Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising. I was able to find out some pretty cool info about the inspirations behind the game and some of the unique features that should hopefully set this MMO apart from the crowd. Click on over to the complete interview for all the details. The interview has also received placement over at the game’s official website community page, so check that out as well while you’re at it.

A few weeks ago on November 19th, Burger King debuted its goofy trio of super-budget Xbox/Xbox 360 titles, and overall I was pretty impressed at the job Blitz Games did for such cheap games, as you can read in my following reviews. Sneak King looked to be the best of the bunch, but ultimately wound up being the worst by far. Pocketbike Racer and Big Bumpin’, on the other hand, completely defy their dirt cheap prices by turning in fun pick-up-and-play gameplay experiences complete with Xbox Live multiplayer action. For $3.99 a pop all three are worth taking a look at based on novelty value alone, but beyond that they’re also highly entertaining (save for Sneak King of course).

Last but not least, I’d also very much like to share reviews on three exceptional titles that really deserve as much attention and recognition as possible: Gitaroo Man Lives!, Sega Genesis Collection and Half-Life 2: Episode One. All three are superb efforts and should be in your collection if you own a PSP, PS2 and/or PC respectively.

Continue for a complete list of my latest works:

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