Remastered PSP Ports Coming to PS3


Here’s a cool bit of weekend news to pep up your Sunday afternoon!

This morning, Sony revealed its plans for a “PSP Remaster” series, a new initiative to port PSP games over to the PS3. This series will consist of certain ‘blockbuster’ PSP games being re-released on Blu-ray for PS3 compatibility, complete with HD graphics, SIXAXIS/DualShock 3 support (two analog sticks!), and potentially other features, such as bonus add-on content and stereoscopic 3D support, depending on the title.

Even better, save data will be shared between platforms, so if you already have the original PSP version and decide to also buy the PS3 remastered version you can transfer progress back and forth between systems. Multiplayer game modes will also be supported using the PS3’s Ad-hoc Party application.

As of now, the PSP Remaster series has only been announced for the Japanese market, and only one game — Monster Hunter Portable 3rd — has been confirmed. But I imagine we’ll be hearing a lot more about this initiative at E3 in a couple weeks.

I don’t see this as anything but a great thing. Not all PS3 owners also own a PSP, so this will only broaden the PS3’s catalog and give more people the chance to play some of the great gaming content previously only released on the PSP. And let’s face it, PSP software sales have been abysmal outside of Japan due to piracy, so this could also give many games a second shot at the success they deserve.

Now to wait and see what other games get remastered! I’m pulling for MGS: Peace Walker, Valkyria Chronicles II, both God of War titles, Crisis Core, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and, well…too many others to name. How about you? Any PSP games you’d like to see come to PS3?

Oh, and here’s a comparison trailer for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Version.

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