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Twilight PrincessHey everyone. I’m back from a weekend in Toledo. As you probably remember from one of the first posts on the site, I had to reserve my Wii back in Ohio because EB Games/GameStop decided to have Wii pre-orders the day before one of my friends, and fellow writer on VGBlogger, Rachel got married. So my wife and I went back yesterday, visited some friends and family, and around 11:30 my father and I went to go pick up my Wii at the midnight launch. I had my father go with me because after reading this story about someone getting followed from a midnight release and getting their car broken into for a possible PS3 grab, I was a bit paranoid.

Anyway, we got over there about a quarter ’til midnight and the EB Games workers let me in the building. The first thing I was told was that “Nintendo didn’t ship the classic controllers, so I’d have to come back another day to get that.” Also when I asked about any extra copies of Zelda I was told that all of the ones they were ship had been spoken for and I probably wouldn’t be able to find a copy anywhere for about a month, if I was lucky. When it came to be midnight ‘o clock, I decided to risk it and canceled my Red Steel pre-order in hopes of picking up Zelda somewhere else. I also canceled the reserve on the classic controller since “Nintendo never shipped them.” Finally, I found out that when pre-ordering my accessories the clerk charged me for an Xbox 360 faceplate instead of an extra Wii remote, and since EB Games didn’t have any extras of those and didn’t believe that I didn’t order a faceplate, I canceled that pre-order as well.

My dad and I then proceeded over to a 24-hour Wal-Mart where I purchased a copy of Zelda (of which they had 5 after everyone that purchased Wii systems had left) and one of the two spare classic controllers. I must have lucked out on the classic controller since “Nintendo never shipped them,”……yeah right.

Anyway I made it back home without anyone following us my wife and I got back into Lansing this afternoon. I hooked up the system and so far I’m pretty impressed. Amy and I both made Miis, and I tried my hand at all of the sports games. Since I wasn’t able to find an additional remote at Wal-Mart or Toys R Us today, we were only able to play bowling against each other, but it was still fun. She beat me at it just like she does in real life.

Zelda is really where it’s at though. I can tell why some people are complaining about the graphics because they do seem to be worse that other Nintendo titles such as Resident Evil 4, but I believe part of the problem resides with me having to use composite video cable as opposed to component since those should be delivered by UPS sometime tomorrow. Other than that, I really like the laid back feel that the whole controller setup provides. I can lay back in the corner of the couch with an arm at each side and wave my hands back and forth to swing Link’s sword or perform a spin attack.

In all, this past week has been huge in the gaming world. Both Sony and Nintendo launched systems within two days of one another, and Burger King released Sneak King, which I’m going to play right now. Today is a great day to relax, and take comfort knowing that we’ve turned the corner into yet another new generation of our favorite hobby.

Normal VGBlogger coverage will once again be here tomorrow. Until then, have fun!

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