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A simple review of Dead Space for the iPad is: it is DEAD SPACE… on the iPad! That means that if you have an iPad and are reading this (meaning you like games), you should just hurry on over and buy the game!

But just in case you need more, here goes!

Dead Space for iPad is a sci-fi horror game that has some action and third-person shooter elements. It takes place after the events of the PC/Console Dead Space game, and just before the start of the recently released Dead Space 2. The game is more gory and suspenseful than actually scary, but it will still keep you on the edge of your seat.

Visually, Dead Space is stunning. I am not sure if it is THE most gorgeous iPad game yet, but it is definitely one of the best looking games I have played on the system. The developers used the details to provide nuance, which was the second most important way of delivering information.

The critical means of knowing what is happening is the audio, which is absolutely perfect in execution in this game. You are suggested to use headphones – I would upgrade that to MANDATED! To get the full effect you really need to go someplace dark and quiet, put on some headphones and just enjoy getting scared out of your wits!

Dead Space plays like a fairly standard third person action game – you have a virtual joystick to move and another one to look. Context specific controls pop up when needed. The iPad itself is part of the control scheme, too. When in combat you can tilt your iPad to alter the trajectory of your plasma cutter. It is clear that the game was designed for the iPad rather than just having controls bolted on.

As I mentioned, Dead Space iPad fits into the overall Dead Space universe between the main games, but that doesn’t mean it is throw-away filler like Dragon Age Journeys (not saying that was bad, just that it was more of a teaser than a real game). Dead Space is a full-sized game that offers iPad gamers a full-on experience for a relatively low price.

I am not sure exactly what I expected out of Dead Space on the iPad, but the game far exceeded all of my expectations! With great visuals, audio, solid controls and gameplay and a full-game experience that leaves you completely satisfied, Dead Space is a must-have for all fans of the genre. Of course, as you might expect the game is several hundred megabytes, so clear some space on your iPad and head on over to the App Store!


+ Excellent gameplay
+ Perfect atmosphere
+ Perfect blend of game, music and graphics

– All this awesomeness comes at the top end of iPad game prices (still just $10!)

Game Info:
Platform: iPad/iPhone
Publisher: EA
Developer: EA
Release Date: 1/25/2011
Genre: Action/Horror, Third-Person Shooter
Age Rating: 12+
Players: 1
Source: Review code provided by publisher

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