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It was nearly two years ago when I posted my first iPhone game review for VGBlogger, and I set out some rules at the time about how those reviews would be different than a standard review. To refresh, I stated I’d mention the listed price at the time I did the review – prices even two years ago were pretty dynamic and are now downright fluid! I also said that my expectations for a game would be based on what the developers set out to do and the price of the game – and while this is similar to ‘normal’ games, for games that cost $1 – $5 on average, the scale is much different. Finally, I have found that the majority of games that sell for ~$1 or so tend to be all about executing a single idea – look at the amazing Angry Birds as an example – so my reviews will be very short and focus on what the idea IS, and how well it is executed.

Flight Doodle is all about launching a balloon and trying to keep it afloat. And … well, that is it.

From the main menu you select your craft, your enemies, and can customize just about everything. Then you start the game, cut the cords, and float upwards. You steer your balloon side to side by tilting your iPhone, and that is the main control. As you float, there are numerous enemies falling from the sky looking to pop your balloon. You can collect bonuses that will aid you in one way or another, such as things that will give you the ability to shoot or a huge boost upwards. You can also run into windstorms, airplanes (or Witches in the new Halloween theme), rain clouds, and so on.

As I mentioned, there is a Halloween version – this launched on October 12th, and adds a nice theme … but also some crashes. I have read about how stable the game was before, and a comment from Eyedip about the crashes and a promise that the new version has already been submitted, so I am confident that it will be sorted out soon. And honestly, my reaction to crashes always tells me something – if I jump right back in the game is good, if I switch to something else it isn’t. In my first fifteen minutes of playing I had three crashes … and kept coming back. And for $0.99, it did nothing to diminish my wholehearted recommendation that you grab this fun little game. It is another simple concept that you will be unable to stop playing!


+ Excellent gameplay
+ Loads of customization

– Several crashes

Game Info:
Platform: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Publisher: Eyedip
Developer: Eyedip
Release Date: 8/30/2010
Genre: Casual
Age Rating: 4+
Players: 1
Source: Review code provided by publisher

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