Review: Naughty Bear (iPhone)

When Matt asked me to review Naughty Bear for the iPhone, I thought, “Sure, it might be fun.” While I wasn’t at all familiar with either the console or iPhone versions of this game, everything I had seen seemed interesting. Who wouldn’t find a homicidal teddy bear violently eliminating other teddy bears at least a little intriguing?

If you’re looking for story, you’ll not find much here. Naughty Bear is just what you’d think: a bear that has a lot of…issues. The other bears in his children’s television-esc universe are having a party but didn’t invite him. Of course Naughty Bear sees this as an insult and goes on the hunt for revenge.

Here’s a brief overview of the gameplay:

  1. Run around a map collecting cupcakes that lie on the path.
  2. Avoid other bears who also run around the path.
  3. Find power-ups which allow you to attack other bears.
  4. Repeat.

If this sounds familiar to you it should. This other game in the 80s had a similar formula. I think it was called Pac-Man. You may have heard of it before.

There are a few things that were improved upon though. Naughty Bear can sabotage certain objects in the environment (like grills or pay phones) and lie in wait for other bears to investigate them, then use the object to eliminate the curious bear. Also if you’re able to eliminate enough bears in a row, the game will actually show the kill in gruesome detail. Well, as gruesome as one stuffed animal attacking another can be.

Naughty Bear consists of 27 levels, each with a Story and Challenge mode. In story mode you’re given a specific objective, such as killing X number of bears or collecting Y amount of cupcakes. Challenge mode tasks you with obtaining the highest amount of points you can within a specific time limit. Neither mode is too tough, and you can probably finish the entire game in about an hour. If you’re into the whole Open Feint integration (which allows access to friends lists and leader boards), Naughty Bear integrates with it and can extend the replay value a little bit, however on its own it’s a fairly quick, albeit violent, romp through Teddy Bear town.

Really there’s not much this game has to offer. It’s a dressed-up, violent version of Pac-Man that’s over just as quick as it began. Lying in wait for a bear to get distracted by a sabotaged piece of the environment so you can pounce on them is interesting, but other than that there’s nothing new here that hasn’t been seen before.


+ Interesting adaptation of an old gameplay formula

– Very easy
– Very short
– Limited amount of killing methods can make cut scenes repetitive

Game Info:
Platform: iPhone/iPod touch
Publisher: 505 Games
Developer: A2M
Release Date: 9/27/2010
Genre: Arcade
Age Rating: 12+
Players: 1
Source: Review code provided by publisher

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