Review Scoring System

Here at VGBlogger, we have decided to ditch the traditional and often inconsistent number-based review scales and adopt a more straightforward and definitive “Buy It,” “Try It,” or “Skip It” three-tier rating system. It’s really quite simple. Rather than monkeying around with the imperfect science of determining what number or grade to put on a game, we are simply going to cut through the BS and tell you whether a game is worth buying, trying, or skipping altogether. No more second guessing, no more relying on arbitrary rating numbers!

With that said, here are further descriptions for each rating.

Buy It: Games we deem buy worthy run the gamut from must-have experiences no gamer should miss regardless of platform to genre standouts that fans of the particular genre and platform in question should strongly consider adding to their collection.

Try It: A game marked with a “Try It” rating has both high and low points that keep it from standing out at either end of the spectrum, and as such we recommend playing a demo, watching gameplay footage, or waiting for a sale. Basically, you should only buy if you know exactly what you are getting.

Skip It: Plain and simple, games rated “Skip It” have earned our badge of shame for having little to no redeeming value, and thus aren’t worth your time or money.

While many gaming sites these days also forgo thoroughness in favor of being “first” to publish a review, here at VGBlogger we value playing a game to its fullest before providing a review. We always do our best to provide you, our loyal readers, with reviews of the latest games as close to launch dates as possible, but we are gamers, and we play games like real gamers do — not like paid reviewers who rush through a game on an easy difficulty setting (and then going on to call a game too easy without subsequently playing on a higher difficulty) to meet some PR-based deadline.

Because of this, we may not always have reviews going up as quickly as other blogs and publications (it also depends on how quickly publishers provide us with review copies). But when we post a review, you can trust that we have played a game to completion and thoroughly tested any available side content, such as multiplayer, multiple difficulties, secondary character play-throughs, unlockable bonus modes, etc.

Above all else, we pride ourselves on being able to play games of all shapes and sizes, and judge each game fairly on its own merits. Hopefully you find our reviews honest and helpful when considering game purchases of your own.

About the Author

Matt Litten is the full-time editor and owner of He is responsible for maintaining the day to day operation of the site, editing all staff content before it is published, and contributing regular news, reviews, previews and other articles. Matt landed his first gig in the video game review business writing for the now-defunct website After the sad and untimely close of BonusStage, the former staff went on to found After a short stint as US Site Manager for AceGamez, Matt assumed full ownership over VGBlogger, and to this day he is dedicated to making it one of the top video game blogs in all the blogosphere. Matt is a fair-minded reviewer and lover of games of all platforms and types, big or small, hyped or niche, big-budget or indie. But that doesn't mean he will let poor games slide without a good thrashing when necessary!