Review System Overhall?

Report CardI come to you at this late hour because I’ve been thinking about something and I need your help. This is a call both to the other writers of the site, and also those that read VGBlogger occasionally and would like to help shape it where possible.

With the recent acquisition of Greg and Matt as exclusive reviewers for the site, you’ll obviously see the articles under the “Review” category begin to increase. Currently we run things on a 10 point scale, increasing and decreasing by half-point increments. This is really a holdover from the BonusStage days and if you’d like more information on the review scale you can check it out here.

Now, there’s benefits to a number scale system, especially when it comes to review aggregation sites. Also it allows you to see a score quickly and immediately know if we liked a game or not. But there in lies the problem. As a writer, I spent time playing the game and a few hours writing a review in order to save you money or pick up that “must have” title. I want you to read what I wrote and not just see the score and pass the review over.

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Additionally, what makes a game an 8 or an 8.5? While I’m up to debate this with readers of the site, I’ve seriously gotten into arguments with publishers before because we gave game X a 7 while the average on a site like Game Rankings may be a whole point higher and they wanted to know why our opinion was different. I shouldn’t have to debate my opinion with a publisher just so they can push the review’s final score a half-point higher.

So anyway, here’s what I’m proposing: Why not move to a three-tier reviewing system? The tiers would simply be Buy, Rent, or Avoid (with more elegant wordage of course). That way if we really like a game we can simply come out and say “You should buy this game because ___…” Same thing with renting or avoiding games completely that aren’t even worth your time. I feel that in the end, a system like this would get you to read more of our reviews while allowing us to focus less on dinging games a half-point due to a low draw distance and focus more on arguing our point on whether or not to purchase a title.

So now I leave it in your hands. Where do you want to see us run with this? Personally I think it would be a great change as not many sites (if any) are doing reviews this way since it’s such a radical departure from the status quo. Leave your feedback because I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this subject.

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