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Have you ever played one of those ring-toss games at a fair? Last summer my wife ‘adopted’ a pair of goldfish that would have died if left at her workplace, and one of them DID die, so while we were hanging around waiting for our kids to ride some of the rides at the New York State Fair she said to me “win me a new goldfish on the ring toss.” So I paid for a set of rings and set out to conquer a game obviously tilted against me. In theory it is all physics, and I used that to my advantage and won my wife her new fish. I had no desire to do anything else, and she had no desire for a ‘larger’ prize, so I handed off my rings to a young kid trying to win a big stuffed animal. That pretty much describes my feelings for TiKi Toss 3D.

The goal of TiKi Toss 3D is to toss a ring at the end of a rope and have it swing on to a hook attached to a tree. You touch the screen to grab the ring, and you flick downwards to launch it. Physics controls the power and trajectory of the swing, and you are trying to get it to catch on a small hook attached to a coconut tree. It is an addictive little game – you will absolutely not stop until you get a ringer … though what you do from there should tell you if this game is a ‘must buy’ for you.

There are three game modes: Session, which is an unlimited mode; Best of Ten, in which you see how many ringers out of ten you can manage; and Arcade, in which you try to maximize your point totals by earning extra tosses, bonus points, and so on. The scene is island-based, and there is nice cheery music as a background to the game. You can even buy more in-game music if you want, and while I can’t see that as a major pull I appreciate the developers offering it as an add-on rather than charging more for everyone to get it.

Right now and until November 1st TiKi Toss 3D is on sale for $0.99, and after that it will go up to $1.99. TiKi Toss 3D is fun and the physics system used for the grab and toss works very well. As I said, once I got my first ringer I found myself playing less and less. But others I have discussed this game with have kept going – trying to get more and more ringers, the highest possible Arcade score, and so on. Depending on how you play these sorts of games, TiKi Toss 3D might be a game to occupy you for quite some time. Either way, for $0.99 this is a high quality experience that is definitely not a waste of money.


+ Excellent gameplay
+ Perfect blend of game, music and graphics

– Graphics don’t scale well even on the high-res iPod Touch

Game Info:
Platform: iPhone/iPod touch/iPad
Publisher: Mellow Militia
Developer: Mellow Militia
Release Date: 10/14/2010
Genre: Casual
Age Rating: 4+
Players: 1 (Does have global leaderboards)
Source: Review code provided by publisher

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