Saints Row IV Honored as a True National Treasure


Deep Silver has announced that Saints Row IV is joining the respective Greatest Hits / Platinum Hits budget catalogs on PS3 and Xbox 360. Beginning July 8th, the game will sell for only $29.99. But this new wallet-friendly version won’t be just the base game repackaged for gamers on a budget. The re-release has been dubbed the National Treasure Edition, and it will contain every single piece of DLC released up to now. That’s 29 content packs and a whole lot of bonus weapons, costumes, vehicles, missions and other customization gear valued at over $60, included with the full game for a grand total of only thirty bucks for the whole shebang. If you didn’t buy the game before, you sure as hell better set aside some cash to buy it next month.

The National Treasure Edition will also be released for PC via digital download by mid-July. Below is a list of all the included DLC.

Plunger Gun
SR3 Brute Minigun
SR3 Brute Flamethrower
SR3 Luchadore Grenade Launcher
Merica Weapon
The Rectifier
Reynolds .50 HMG
The Polarizer

Weapon Costumes
Shotguns – Hillbilly
Shotguns – Deadwood Doc
Assault Rifles – Hillbilly
Sniper Rifle – Flintlock
Assault Rifles – Red Rider BB Gun
Assault Rifles –Kaiju-XL
Dubstep Gun – Oktoberfest
Dubstep Gun – Big Band
Dubstep Gun – Classical
Dubstep Gun – Metal
Dubstep Gun – Christmas
SMG – BG-40
Pistols –Tombstone Special
Pistols – Flintlock Pistol
Melee Weapon –Braver Sword
Melee Weapon – Giant Club
Melee Weapon – Giant Bone
Melee Weapon – North Pole

Outfits and Suits
Aisha Suit
Alien Grunt
Alien Lady
Amazonian Body Armor
Collegiate Casual
Digital Dino
Elf Suit
Freckle Bitch’s Delivery Chick
Furious V
Gat Suit
Genki Space Pimp
Iron Rogue Suit
Lady Maverick
Miss Mischief
Prairie Dress
Prehistoric Pretty
Robo Chimp
Santa Suit
Sexy Redneck
Shojou Cutie
Sorority Chic
Spank Me
Stone Age Stud
The Deck Swabber
The Hillbilly
The Otherworlder
The Patriot
The Strapless Wonder
The Suit with No Name
Uncle Sam
Zinyak Suit

Aisha Hat
Amazon Mask
Barry-O Mask
Country Straw Hat
Dirty Trucker
Dubya Mask
Elf Hat
Furious V Mask
Goalie Mask
Hat with No Name
Honest Abe Mask
Melon Melons
Pebble Beach Special
Pirate Head Wrap
Prairie Bonnet
Rogue Helm
Santa Hat
Tailgate Standard
The Original Prez Mask
The Strapless Wonder Mask
Uncle Sam Hat
Wild West Hat
Zinyak Mask

Gat Glasses

Left Hook
Right Hook
Tech Gauntlets

Totes Kawaii
Eastern Angles
Gat Hair
The Franklin

Upper Body
Pirate Shirt
Xmas Sweater

Lower Body
Pirate Pants
Peg Leg(s)

Santa Gloves

Deathmatch Boots
Suave Slip-Ons

Half Baked
Screaming Eagle VTOL
Texas T
Shayne’s Barstool Racer
Sleigh One
Puck Truck
XXX Gunslinger
Jolly Compton
Naughty F-69 VTOL
Retro Rocket

Mission Packs
Enter the Dominatrix
How the Saints Saved Christmas

Raptor Ned
Dom the Dom
The Dominatrix
Josh Birk
Gingerbread Men
Mrs Claus
Future Shaundi
Ashly Burch
Dad Burch
Anthony Burch

Super Power Elements
Blast – Bling
Blast – Explosion
Telekinesis – Bling
Telekinesis – Explosion
Ground Pound – Make it Rain
Buff – Midas Touch

Genki Holiday
Mind Over Murder

Source: Saints Row IV National Treasure Edition [Saints Row]

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