Screenshot Saturday: Pre-E3 2014 Edition


When I woke up Monday morning and opened my inbox, I thought I had somehow time-jumped a week to the opening day of E3. The number of game announcements and E3 trailers that hit this week leading up to E3 leaves me wondering what’s left to show when the event actually begins. Next week is either going to be chock full of surprises, a whole lot of the same games we’ve already heard about, or an E3 dominated by awkward virtual reality stage demos. Or maybe all three wrapped into one.

We’ll begin to find out on Monday, June 9 when the big company press briefings get underway. In the meantime, these screenshot galleries should give you an early taste of some of the games that will be featuring prominently at E3.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (PC, PS4, Xbox One):
[nggallery id=3391]

Homefront: The Revolution (PC, PS4, Xbox One):
[nggallery id=3389]

Dead Rising 3 (PC):
[nggallery id=3392]

Metro Redux (PC, PS4, Xbox One):
[nggallery id=3375]

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 Remix (PS3):
[nggallery id=3393]

Payday 2 – Big Bank DLC (Steam):
[nggallery id=3394]

Rollers of the Realm (PC, PS4, Vita):
[nggallery id=3395]

Dragon Age: Inquisition (PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One):
[nggallery id=3396]

Styx: Master of Shadows (PC):
[nggallery id=3397]

Loadout (PS4):
[nggallery id=3398]

Gravity Crash Ultra (Vita):
[nggallery id=3399]

BattleCry (PC):
[nggallery id=3400]

Tetris Ultimate (PC, PS4, Xbox One):
[nggallery id=3401]

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate (3DS):
[nggallery id=3402]

Pushmo World (Wii U):
[nggallery id=3403]

Tales of Xillia 2 (PS3):
[nggallery id=3404]

Blood Bowl 2 (PC):
[nggallery id=3405]

Juju (PC, Consoles TBA):
[nggallery id=3406]

Rabbids Invasion: The Interactiv​e TV Show (Kinect for Xbox 360 and Xbox One, PlayStation Camera for PS4):
[nggallery id=3407]

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy (3DS):
[nggallery id=3408]

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