Sega Details 12 Months of NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams Bonus Content

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If you own a copy of NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams and have your Wii hooked up online, Sega has a full year of bonus content planned for your enjoyment. Each month this year, the game’s My Dream online sandbox world and its A-life inhabitants will hold seasonal special events, complete with appropriate decorations and activities. This year-long schedule of festivities actually began on New Years with grand hourly fireworks displays, and will continue all the way up to Christmas. Hit the jump for the complete 2008 schedule of events.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams – Events Calendar:

January: New Years fireworks are set off at 12 midnight on January 1st and the Nightopians will celebrate New Years. (Fireworks are set off once every hour)

February: Chinese New Year. During February, you will see Nightopians holding a big dragon and throwing firecrackers.

March: Carnival. During March, you will see many Nightopians wearing festive masks.

April: Flamenco. During April, you will see Nightopians wearing a rose.

May: Boys’ Festival. In May, carp streamers appear in My Dream

June: June Bride. During June, you will see Nightopians with a bouquet or a flower basket.

July: Bull-Running Festival. In this month you will see Nightopians wearing bull armor as well as Nightopians holding red capes.

August: Music Festival. During August, you will see Nightopians performing using various instruments.

September: Moon Viewing. In September, you will see Nightopians holding a full moon paper fan.

October: Halloween. Towards in the end of October, you will see Nightopians will be wearing witch costumes and holding pumpkin lanterns.

November: Thanksgiving. During November, you will see Nightopians holding autumn leaves or fruits.

December: Christmas. In the month of December, you will see a Christmas tree and Nightopians dressed up as Santa Claus. You will also see Nightopians holding a cake, wearing a tricorn, or letting off firecrackers.

December 24-25: Holiday Carols. On Dec. 24th to 25th, the song of Nightopian changes to something more Christmas-like. The sound of the music box also changes.

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