Sega Rally Revo “Keith On Cars” Developer Blog #2


In the second installment of “Keith On Cars”, Sega Rally Revo Lead Car Artist Keith Burden talks us through the Modified Class…

Sega Rally Revo “Keith On Cars” Developer Blog #2:

The next class of cars I’ll introduce are the ‘Modified class’, these are cars that you might recognize from worldwide rally and motorsport events. The Peugeot 207 Super 2000 Rally Car is relatively new and came out late last year; it is designed to compete in the Super 2000 classification which is a new FIA specification that started in 2006. These smaller (smaller than the WRC Cars anyway), normally aspirated, four wheel drive machines battle it out all over Europe and North Africa, especially in the Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC).

The only real difference between the Super 2000 cars and the WRC is that the Super 2000 cars all use a common control gearbox and drive train, this doesn’t necessarily make them any slower, but it does make them cheaper to finance. In fact the Super 2000 Series is supposed to encourage more manufacturers and privateers to race by reducing the costs.

We chose the Peugeot 207 Super 2000 principally because it just looks so damned sexy; the fact that it’s a top class rally car was kind of a happy coincidence! The livery variants for this car took a bit more forethought than most as well, because we wanted really modern and fresh designs. I think we’ve got it right, and the black and red livery is one of my favorites (I have a soft spot for black cars anyway so I am a little biased!).

The Citroën C2 Super 1600 is another top flight rally car mostly seen in the Super 1600 class of Rallying. Again this car is very well respected on the motorsport scene. Keep a very sharp eye out for unlock livery 3… You might recognise a popular SEGA character!

Talking of which you might also want to try for the Toyota Celica VVTi livery unlocks as well, because there is a frankly stunning livery for that one too (One of my best might I add)! We’ll take a look at the Toyota Celica VVTi next time though.

207_L03_S.jpg 207_T.jpg C2_L02_S.jpg C2_T.jpg

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