Sega Rally Revo “Keith On Cars” Developer Blog #4


With the Premier and Modified Class cars safely out of the way, Sega Rally Revo Lead Car Artist Keith Burden next reveals the first set of unlockable cars.

Sega Rally Revo “Keith On Cars” Developer Blog #4:

Two of the first bespoke cars in SEGA Rally are the Peugeot 206 RCC and the Andorra Racer, and both are vehicles with more than their fair share of stories.

The Peugeot 206 RCC is a racing version of the road-going Peugeot 206 CC; however the RCC versions roof definitely doesn’t fold down.  The RCC takes it name as it is an unique combination of the 206 CC body shell and 206 RC engine. It is a stripped down high performance circuit racer, which competes in the French Coupe 206 RCC race series.  We were keen on getting this car into SEGA Rally because it is quite unusual and actually very pretty.  The large low profile tyres, functional rear wing, solid lightweight fixed hardtop and deep aggressive front bumper all make this car look fast and agile.

This would be a car to use on some of the more tarmac oriented events, getting it sideways in the snow on the Alpine tracks is especially fun though.

The Andorra Racer is very special because I designed it.  We wanted a Super Group B/Group S type rally car for modern day rally events, so I took the original rear engined/4wd chassis layout (typical Group B setup) and then designed a modern up to date interpretation of a Group B rally car.  Whilst designing the Andorra Racer I was spending a lot of time looking at Pikes Peak Racers and GT style racing cars, so the Andorra Racer ended up with a huge wing!

It’s always a challenge creating a car from scratch for a game because everyone has a different idea about what looks good and bad.  Hopefully we have gotten it right with the Andorra Racer, I mean when is a massive spoiler on a hard core racing car a bad thing?

The livery was designed by Sam Neale one of the other Car Artists and he went for a loud and proud in your face SEGA themed paintjob, and I have to be honest I think it looks outstanding.  Bright orange paint, big stickers and a huge rear spoiler make the perfect combination and a must have for any racing game surely.

206RCC_G.jpg 206RCC_L01_S.jpg And_G.jpg And_L01_S.jpg And_L01_F.jpg

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