Sega Rally Revo “Keith On Cars” Developer Blog #5


Continuing along the path of classic cars in SEGA Rally, Lead Car Artist Keith Burden arrives at the SEGA Rally Classics, some more-than-familiar vehicles for hardcore Rally fans.

Sega Rally Revo “Keith On Cars” Developer Blog #5:

SEGA Rally has always been synonymous with two cars. They began the SEGA Rally story and they continue the legend, these two cars are absolute rally classics and are legendary within their own right. Which two cars am I talking about? SEGA Rally Masters – the Toyota Celica ST205 and Lancia Super Delta HF integrale.

These two cars started it all off in 1995, the white, red and green liveried Celica against the white, blue and red liveried Delta. So it isn’t even an option to not have these two in the new 2007 SEGA Rally. The liveries are slightly updated but the cars are exactly the same; just a bit higher resolution.

The first hurdle when building cars for videogames is finding the reference material required for the build. Some cars are difficult to research as they might be quite rare or generally bespoke. Some cars we can actually go and photograph or find a road version to photograph (Cars like the Subaru Impreza and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution are easy to find), and some cars have so much reference you just don’t know where to start or what to use.

The Delta and Celica fall into the latter category, the internet is rife with images of the Delta and Celica carving up European rallies in the early 90’s, and many car collectors will have one of either of these in pristine condition under a dust cover somewhere.  We were lucky to find a competition spec Delta at a local Historic motorsport event, and the owners were more than happy for us to clamber all over it taking millions of photographs of all of it’s many nooks and crannies!

These two cars form part of our Masters Class which means they have additional unlockable liveries. What I try and maintain across all three of the in-game car classes is that the multiple liveries are sympathetic and correlate with the age and style of the cars. So for example a brand new Peugeot 207 Super 2000 will happily carry a white and bright purple T-Mobile livery as it is a sharp and edgy looking vehicle.

When you livery the classics and older rally cars you have to be sympathetic to the age and shapes of the cars, so the Delta and Celica have been liveried with decals and colours that you would expect to find in that era of motorsport. In most cases I try and use an existing livery design and then maybe change a colour way to match the required sponsor that car is going to wear.  As a method I think it works quite well, and it means we always get car liveries that look just right.

Delta_L03_S.jpg Delta_T.jpg ST205_L03_S.jpg ST205_T.jpg

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