SingStar Screenshot Blowout

SCEA has just released a massive collection of over 60 new screenshots from its upcoming SingStar titles, including SingStar for PS3, and SingStar 80’s and SingStar Amped for the PS2, all set to release this fall. All three galleries are posted below, check ’em out for a sampling of some of the songs/music videos each game will feature.

SingStar PS3:
Blink182_PS3_ss_2 copy.jpg Blink182_PS3_ss_7 copy.jpg Britney_PS3_ss2 copy.jpg Britney_PS3_ss5 copy.jpg Ne-Yo_PS3_ss6 copy.jpg Ne-Yo_PS3_ss7 copy.jpg REM_PS3_ss3 copy.jpg REM_PS3_ss4 copy.jpg REM_PS3_ss6 copy.jpg Radiohead_PS3_ss5 copy.jpg Radiohead_PS3_ss8 copy.jpg TheAutomatic_PS3_ss13 copy.jpg TheAutomatic_PS3_ss8 copy.jpg Weezer_PS3_ss6 copy.jpg Weezer_PS3_ss9 copy.jpg Wolfmother_PS3_ENGLISH.jpg Wolfmother_PS3_ss1 copy.jpg Wolfmother_PS3_ss3 copy.jpg Wolfmother_PS3_ss4 copy.jpg

SingStar 80’s:
INT_RunDMC.jpg NTSC4_BillyJoel_UpTownGirl.jpg NTSC4_Blondie_HeartOfGlass.jpg NTSC4_CyndiLauper_TimeAfterTime.jpg NTSC4_DeadOrAlive_YouSpinMeAround.jpg NTSC4_DexysMidnightRunners_ComeOnEileen.jpg NTSC4_DuranDuran_Rio.jpg NTSC4_Europe_TheFinalCountdown.jpg NTSC4_FlockOfSeagulls_IRanSoFarAway.jpg NTSC4_Foreigner_IWantToKnowWhatLoveIS.jpg NTSC4_Madness_OurHouse.jpg NTSC4_Madonna_MaterialGirl.jpg NTSC4_SoftCell_TaintedLove.jpg NTSC4_Squeeze_Tempted.jpg NTSC4_Starship_WeBuiltThisCity.jpg NTSC4_Survivor_EyeOfTheTiger.jpg NTSC4_TearsForFearsEverybodyWantsToRuleTheWorld.jpg NTSC4_Yes_OwnerOfALonnelyHeart.jpg NYSC4_Wham_WakeMeUpBeforeYouGoGo.jpg UK_KimWilde.jpg SingStar80s-bundleset.jpg

SingStar Amped:
NTSC3_AliceInChains_Would.jpg NTSC3_Audioslave_Cochise.jpg NTSC3_Blink182_IMissYou.jpg NTSC3_BlueOysterCult_DontFearTheReaper.jpg NTSC3_Boston_MoreThanAFeeling.jpg NTSC3_CheapTrick_IWantYouToWantMe2.jpg NTSC3_DavidBowie_Changes.jpg NTSC3_FallOutBoy_ThisAintAScene.jpg NTSC3_FooFighters_BestOfYou.jpg NTSC3_Free_AlrightNow.jpg NTSC3_IggyPop_WildOne.jpg NTSC3_JudasPriest_YouveGotAnotherThingComing.jpg NTSC3_OzzyOsbourne_CrazyTrain.jpg NTSC3_PearlJam_Alive.jpg NTSC3_Poison_EveryRoseHasItsThorn.jpg NTSC3_Radiohead_Creep.jpg NTSC3_StoneTemplePilots_Vasoline.jpg NTSC3_Sublime_Santeria.jpg NTSC3_TalkingHeads_Burning Down The House.jpg NTSC3_TheKillers_WhenYouWereYoung.jpg NTSC3_TheRamones_BlitzkriegBop.jpg NTSC3_YeahYeahYeahs_GoldLion.jpg NTSC3_Yes_OwnerOfALonnelyHeart.jpg NTSC3_ZZTop_GimmeAllYourLovin.jpg SingStar_Amped_bundle pack.jpg

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