Skillground Now Live

skillground.jpgWe mentioned in a story a few weeks back about a “Play to Win Money” PC gaming service called SkillGround. Well today the service went live, allowing gamers all over the world to challenge each other for a little dough.

Right now there are four games available for players to try out. Two first-person shooters (WarPath and Close Quarters Conflict), a racer (L.A. Street Racing), and a fighter (Kung Fu: Deadly Arts). Before each match players agree on a wager with the winner getting 85% and SkillGround keeping 15%. The matches are played on a dedicated server monitored by SkillGround in order to prevent cheating, which is likely to be attempted by many people since money is on the line.

Players can head over to SkillGround using Internet Explorer (Firefox isn’t supported) and sign up for a free account to play with other people without risk. When you’re ready, you can upgrade your account to a “cash account” and right now get a free $30 in that account to wager against other competitors. Hey, I won some cash by participating in the demo, there’s no reason you can’t either.

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