So, What Did You Get For Christmas?

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Howdy there, folks. Hope you’ve had a happy holiday so far! Mine’s been great. Friday, Saturday and Sunday were all spent doing the family get-together thing, which was really all about spoiling my 18-month old niece this year since it was her first true Christmas where she could actually play with all the toys and understand what was going on. So just getting a chance to spend time with her for a few days made the holiday.

As for Christmas morning, got a ton of cool stuff. On the gaming front, I was thrilled to find a few games under the tree that I had missed out on during the year or had been looking to pick up, including The Eye of Judgment, Dewy’s Adventure, the Medal of Honor Collection PS2 box set, and a Wii Zapper! With some gift card money, I also picked up Ratchet & Clank Future and Folklore yesterday (was also going to get Mass Effect, but it was sold out), and that sure was an adventure. As I’m sure many of you also suffered through, Walmart had their gift card system crash yesterday, so I waited in line to get the games only to be turned away and forced to come back later in the evening to try my luck again. Thankfully, my gift card went through on the return visit and all was well in the universe.

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Aside from games, I received a few surprise gaming-related items, like the awesome gaming ornament I have pictured below. It’s more than just a stiff ornament too. The analog sticks and buttons actually work and make sounds when they are pressed, and there are three audio themes in all: fighting, racing and like a space shooter. I also got a cool pair of Super Mario boxers — I’d have posted a photo, but I’m wearing them right now so I can’t. Well, I guess I could, but I don’t think you need to see all that…

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Other than that, gifts included the usual assortment of clothes and fun knickknacks. Got a bunch of  sweet Steelers memorabilia, a couple DVDs, the 24 Season Six box set to complete my series collection up to now (it’s MUCH better watching in one shot than it was spaced out on TV- the first four episodes are some of the best in the entire series), and a handy A/V switchbox for my HD projector so I don’t have to keep changing plugs every time I switch between devices. So all in all it’s been a holiday season to remember for me.

I’ve told you what I got, now I’d love to hear any of your holiday tales. So tell me, what did you get for Christmas?

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