SOE Announces First Legends of Norrath Expansion


Forsworn, the first expansion to the EQ– and EQII-based Legends of Norrath online trading card game, has been officially unveiled by Sony Online Entertainment and is on pace to launch in December. Following up on Oathbound, Forsworn is the second chapter in the Legends of Norrath story and will deal out a number of exciting new features, including team-based 2 vs. 2 games, co-op “raid” games against tough AI opponents, 235 new cards, 22 new loot items apiece for EQ and EQII, and an updated client enhanced with various other gameplay and multiplayer options and new content and bonus features. 58-card digital starter decks and 15-card digital booster packs will be available at the SOE Station Store for $9.99 and $2.99 respectively beginning December 18th. Hit the jump for a peek at some card artwork from Forsworn and details on the upcoming Legends of Norrath Championship Series, On Demand Tournaments and Loot Tournaments.

“The instant success of the game’s first set, Oathbound, led to the decision to release Forsworn before the end of this year. Forsworn will continue to provide players with high-quality gameplay and a rich storyline that enhances a compelling stand-alone game or the already seamless experience from within the worlds of EverQuest and EverQuest II,” said Scott Martins, Director of Development, SOE. “Forsworn expands the Legends of Norrath experience with something for everyone. We’re particularly excited about kicking off the Legends of Norrath Championship Series in early December. With a total prize pool in excess of $100,000, this series adds another viable element of competitive play to the game.”

Legends of Norrath Championship Series:

Starting in December Legends of Norrath players can truly test their strategic skills and throw down in the Legends of Norrath Championship Qualifier tournaments. Running monthly, each of these events will have no entry fee and will feature a prize pool of approximately $5,000 USD. Winners of these monthly qualifier events will receive an automatic entry into the Legends of Norrath Championships at Gen Con Indy 2008 in Indianapolis, IN where they will compete for cash and prizes in excess of $100,000 USD.

On Demand Tournaments:

Starting November 17th, Legends of Norrath players can also start their own tournaments or enter other player-initiated tournaments 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. These 8-player events feature a variety of play formats including Constructed Deck and Booster Draft formats. In Booster Draft, players can open several packs of cards and only play with the cards drafted for their deck– a pure test of calculated skill! Scheduled tournaments for larger numbers of players are set to run each week so that players can compete in tournaments with several hundred players at a time.

Loot Tournaments:

Monthly loot tournaments pit individual player skill against each other as they compete for promotional cards, sealed packs and loot to be used in EQ and EQII. Just for entering, players will receive a special loot and promo card that can only be obtained through such Loot Tournament events. Players who place well can win additional prizes such as packs, promotional cards and/or loot.

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