Sony Launches Official God of War PSP Site; Offers Free Demo

untitled_1.JPGHaving engrossed ourselves in God of War II lately, we’ve been like rabid dogs waiting for something new to come out of Sony’s Santa Monica studios. Producer Cory Barlog may not be offering much new info about the game other than the fact that it’s a completely new entry in the series, but apparently, Sony is offering something up for the fans.

Today, Sony launched the official site for God of War: Chains of Olympus, the new PSP adventure that will feature Kratos kicking ass and taking names. Well…maybe it’s not an official “site”…more like a splash page, but it is giving us a couple of pieces of info. First, the expected release time frame for the game appears to be this fall, which is good news for holiday shoppers. The better news is the fact that plastered in the middle of the screen is an announcement stating that you can get a FREE UMD demo of the game sent to you via mail, so long as you are a Playstation Underground member (I knew that thing would come in handy one day).

The bad news? There are no screenshots, video, details of a storyline…or really anything else but the logo and a pretty background. Regardless, you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be keeping an eye on this story and get you all the details when we have more to report.

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