Sony Rocks Gamescom With New IP Galore


If you ask me, Sony’s stable of global studios has become the best in the business at introducing bold and innovative original IP. Sure, they rely on major franchise sequels (Uncharted, God of War, Killzone, etc.) to pull in the big bucks like any other video game company, but as third-party exclusives have dwindled and the importance of first- and second-party development has increased, Sony has quietly done a remarkable job exploring new concepts and growing imaginative new games from within.

This commitment to original IP has been on full display at Gamescom this week, with the unveiling of four new PlayStation projects and the continued hype for a couple others we’ve already known about. We already showed you PlayStation Move horror game Until Dawn, but here’s a look at some of the other original content coming to PlayStation platforms.

Developed by PlayStation C.A.M.P., Rain is a PlayStation Network title about an invisible boy who can only be seen in the rain. It’s equal parts eerie and mysterious, and emotionally captivating at the same time. Breathtaking stuff.

Media Molecule’s next project is the unique and perfectly loveable Tearaway, a PlayStation Vita game that’s a cross between construction paper crafting and a virtual pop-up book. It’s bound to draw exclamations of “Sony’s just ripping off Paper Mario!” from the Nintendo fanboys, but trust me, this game is a whole lot more than that. Every one of the Vita’s touch/motion inputs is being utilized to bring gamers an experience unlike anything they’ve played before. MM’s got something special on its hands, I say.

From SCE Japan Studios comes Puppeteer for PlayStation 3. Forced to give a quick description, I guess I’d call Puppeteer “LittleBigPlanet with scissors.” But of course that doesn’t do the game proper justice. You see, Puppeteer takes place within a magical puppet theatre that is constantly moving and shifting scenes around the player rather than the player moving the world. It is a 2D, old-school-style platformer, but it’s other twist involves using a pair of scissors to cut through the environment and attack monsters. Through the roof imagination, folks.

Another gem from Japan Studios and Keiji Inafune’s Comcept is the PlayStation Vita exclusive fantasy action game Soul Sacrifice. It’s not new in terms of being unveiled for the first time like the other three titles, but it did get a new trailer at Gamescom. Oh, and it looks awesome!

And don’t forget about The Unfinished Swan! This PSN first-person painting adventure is probably the most original game of the lot. You’ve seen it before too, I know, but it just keeps looking better and better with each passing trailer.

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