If you’re looking to blow off steam with some casual gaming fun, bust on over to free online game portal and give Sparkanoid a whirl.

From the title, I’m sure you’ve already guessed that Sparkanoid is an Arkanoid clone, and you guessed right. Sparkanoid is a colorful brick-breaker in which you mouse scroll a paddle across the bottom of the screen to hit a ball into block patterns floating in the playing area above. It has that classic Arkanoid and Breakout feel, now with a cute intergalactic theme.

The object is to break the blocks and set a high score within three lives per level. Each level also runs on a timer, so busting those colorful squares and clearing the screen in a jiffy helps to boost your final score with bonus points based on how much clock time is left when you finish.

This game adds some new wrinkles to the old formula as well, like black holes that alter the trajectory of your ball, and space ghosts that hover back and forth at the top of the screen and shoot down green balls that can destroy your paddle. As bricks are destroyed, boost pick-ups rain down the screen for you to either grab or avoid. Some boosts do positive things, like extend paddle size, provide an extra ball, or add a laser gun to your paddle, while others have a negative effect, like shrinking down paddle size or speeding up ball acceleration.

All in all, Sparkanoid is a fun way to scratch that old school brick-breaking itch.

Sparkanoid is good for solo play, but if you’d like to try a similarly colorful and simple arcade-style game with a multiplayer community focus, be sure to check out Agario. It’s sort of like deathmatch crossed with Katamari Damacy on a cellular level, as you start out as a tiny cell and gradually grow in size by snacking on colored dots and other live players that are smaller than your cell. You can play in different modes like free-for-all to try to stay alive the longest on your own, or on teams to help players with cells of like color eat cells of other colors representing other players to dominate the board. It’s a unique way to kill some time.

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