Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals Exclusive Creature Profiles


Hey there, Spectrobe fans. We’ve got a treat for you today. Disney Interactive Studios has provided us with exclusive early access to profiles and artwork for 10 Spectrobe creatures starring in the upcoming DS action-RPG Spectrobes: Beyond the Portals, due out on store shelves next week. Hit the jump to check out the profiles and art, and also be sure to check back Wednesday for another Spectrobes-related announcement. You won’t want to miss it, trust me.

The star Spectrobe, Komainu loves to sleep, eat, and play! His bright red coloring and watchful eyes are especially charming. Komainu is an extremely curious, laid-back fellow who eats whenever he gets the chance. When he puts his mind to it, though, he can go from relaxed to intense in no time flat.

This guy was born cool, poker face and all! His lightning-bolt hair perfectly complements his trendy stripes, and his piercing gaze hints at his brilliant mind. This is one handsome Spectrobe who’s worth watching. Sometimes he drops his cool-guy attitude and gets tangled up in Komainu’s playful antics. That usually means he winds up as the clown—even though it’s totally against his nature.

With sharp eyes and a no-nonsense attitude, this Spectrobe is the enemy of all that’s dishonest. Don’t even think about standing in the way of this hot-blooded, flame-breathing beast! He’s kind of a loner, but he just can’t ignore someone in need. And believe it or not, he can be a real sentimental softy, too.

The huge eyes of this top fossil hunter are especially charming—not to mention useful, as he spends his days scouring the land for buried fossils, minerals, cubes, and various odds and ends. If it’s under there, this Spectrobe will find it…sometimes getting so excited by the thrill of discovery that he loses his head—literally!

Once it sinks its teeth in, this fanged champion is like a mad dog that never lets go.

With a cool and collected look, this fighter attacks with four tail arms and fireballs.

This faithful guardian always protects you, but don’t get too close to its razor-sharp wings.

This lone wolf with a kingly manner has a howl that scares off enemies.

This loyal guardian fires powerful long-range beams from both arms.

This bladed dragon-like fighter sails through the air, chopping enemies to bits when angry.

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