Splinter Cell: Conviction Co-op Modes Detailed

Co-op is coming back in a big way in Splinter Cell: Conviction, with Ubisoft now confirming specific details about the game’s multiplayer component and how fits in with the single-player campaign. The main co-op mode, called “Prologue,” will actually serve as a prequel campaign to the solo storyline involving new settings and characters and spanning four stages with three difficulty options. Two videos — a trailer and a developer walkthrough — have been released to explain the co-op mode, and I’ve embedded both below along with an overview and features list as provided in the press release.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction ups the ante with a co-op campaign mode that acts as a prequel to the single player storyline. Follow the trail of intel from St. Petersburg to the Caucasus as the player works in tandem with their teammate. Or engage in one of four co-op battle modes on Xbox LIVE or split-screen.

Co-op Story:
Four Russian EMP weapons have been stolen and need to be retrieved before they are sold on the black market. Third Echelon and their Russian counterpart, Voron, must work together to recover the warheads, sending American agent Archer and Russian agent Kestrel deep into the heart of Russia’s dark and perilous underworld. Together, Archer and Kestrel will embark on a mission that will require their cooperation and combined skills that will test their mettle every step of the way.

– 2 players
– Original cooperative campaign:
o Prequel to the single player campaign
o 4 exclusive maps
o New settings
o New characters
– Split-Screen and Xbox LIVE
– 3 difficulty levels
– Core mechanics of single player campaign adapted to co-op: Mark & Execute; Last Know Position

-4 game modes (1 or 2 players ):
oHunter- Eliminate all the enemies in a progressive sweep of the map.
oLast stand- Defend the EMP against waves of enemies.
oFace-Off- Adversarial mode of spy versus spy, with hostile AI thrown into the mix. (2 players only)
oInfiltration- Eliminate all hostiles in the mission area without being detected.
– 4 maps
– 3 difficulty levels

Challenges & Points:
o Earn points through gameplay challenges
o Included in single player and co-op
o Spend points on upgrades
o Equipment upgrades
o Visual customization
o Weapon accessories (ammo capacity, scope, etc.) impacting numbers of marks
o Gadget efficiency
o Uniforms and skins
o Custom camouflage & accessories
o Accessory types (ammo, body armor & gadgets)

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